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Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small type of terrier, and the breed has been around for about 200 years. They are wiry, energetic, and fearless dogs, varying in size and shape.

The broad term 'Jack Russell' applies to a wide variety of individual breeds, for example the Parson Russell or the Russell Terrier. They usually weigh between 6 and 9kg.

Your Jack will make an excellent guard dog, so you know your house or residence is going to stay safe! Not only is he incredibly alert at all times, he's also a tenacious and sturdy fellow.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Poppy.Behaviour and temperament

While your Jack Russell Terrier will be energetic and full of vitality, alongside that can unfortunately be quite a destructive nature if left untrained, and so hiring a professional trainer is recommended.

This does not make the dog a dangerous animal - he merely loves to play and doesn't know when to stop! With time and socialisation he will adapt to his owner's energy levels.

Socialised Jacks love to be around other animals and children, but they will not tolerate abuse, even if accidental.

Food and nutrition

A balanced diet of whole foods, including cooked meats and vegetables, will keep your Jack Russell Terrier happy and healthy. However, there are foods we humans take for granted that can be bad for your dog.

Health and wellbeing

Jack Russells live anywhere from 13-16 years and sometimes longer, although they are susceptible to a number of eye disorders and musculoskeletal conditions.

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